Aluminum substrate production process specifications and production difficulties

Aluminum substrate is a metal-based copper clad board with good heat dissipation, mostly used in the production of LED lights. Here, let Shenzhen PCB manufacturers for you to explain the aluminum substrate production process specifications and difficulties.

A, aluminum substrate production process specifications.

1, aluminum substrate is often applied to power devices, so the copper foil is thicker.
2, aluminum substrate prior to the protective film to give protection, otherwise, chemicals will leach, resulting in damaged appearance.
3, the production of aluminum substrate using a milling cutter hardness, milling speed is at least two-thirds slower.
4, processing aluminum substrate must be for the gong head plus alcohol heat dissipation.

Second, the aluminum substrate production process difficulties.

(1) the use of mechanical processing of aluminum substrates, drilling holes in the hole edge does not allow burrs, otherwise it will affect the pressure resistance test.
(2) in the entire aluminum substrate production process is not allowed to rub the aluminum base surface, by hand touch, or by a certain chemical will produce surface discoloration, blackening.
(3) in the aluminum substrate over high voltage test, communication power aluminum substrate requires 100% high voltage test, the board surface on the dirty, holes and aluminum base edge burrs, line serrations or touch any insulation layer will lead to high voltage test fire, leakage, breakdown.

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