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Industrial Control PCB

The increasing use of robotics and similar technology in various industries means that a variety of remote control products are being used to get the work done. Industrial control PCB assemblies are crucial devices that aid in the smooth motion and strong electronic connections between the controls and the industrial equipment.

Industrial Control PCB Assembly Capabilities

PCB Assembly Manufacturing Available PCB Assembly Services PCB Assembly Machines
4 SMT lines Up to 12 layers, blind and buried via, impedance, heavy copper, HDI. Fuji CP8 series SMT mounters
2 DIP lines SMT/DIP Auto solder paste screen printer
0201 component In circuit test Reflow ovens with 10 zones
0.25mm BGA Function circuit test Auto optical inspection
SMT 4 million spot daily Burn in test Wave soldering (lead-free)
DIP 1 million spot daily Box Build PCB assembly test room

GTG PCB provides main PCB Assembly

1. Turnkey electronic contract manufacturing.
2. Complete electronic assembly.
3. Single & double-sided PCB assembly.
4. Cable assembly.
5. Wireless harness assembly.
6. Supply chain management.
7. Surface mount (SMT), through-hole and mixed PCA.
8. Ball grid array (BGA) assembly.
9. Press-fit and backplane assembly.
10. Electro-mechanical and sub-assembly builds.
11. Complete box builds.
12. Flying probe test, in-circuit test, and functional test.
13. RoHS compliant/Pb free procurement and assembly.

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